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FSU Grad. Love golfing, swimming, and playing clasic video games. I live in New York City and work as a software engineer for Daily Harvest.

Websites are my thing. I have experience managing everything from static sites (like this) to cms-hosted sites for small businesses on Wordpress, GoDaddy, etc. to custom enterprise web apps built with React for tens of thousands of daily users. Need someone?

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I have a few small blog posts about personal finance, technology, and other interesting topics.

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For professional inquiries or a quote for a website domain, reach out via email and I'll get back to you soon.


Ben's App Picks

With the amount of ways to save and earn cash back, I found it very confusing at first to determine which apps were legit and which apps were scams. After much exploring I found several that are very reliable.

Full disclosure, the links to the apps below are referral links. If this summary helps you find new ways to earn and save, please consider going through the links when you're signing up.

"What news platforms do you use for personal finance?"

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